Profesional Services

Investment Banking Services

At Navigator Capital our goal in each transaction is the same and that is too add more value than the cost of our services. Whether we are representing your company for sale or advising you on the acquisition of a strategic competitor or obtaining growth or working capital for expansion purposes Navigator Capital will add value, work efficiently and insulate you and your employees from the transaction process allowing you to continue to manage your business for the maximum result. This approach to working with our clients ensures that they make all critical decisions but are not burdened with the day to day challenges that are common in corporate finance transactions.

Corporate Finance 

For corporate clients seeking to execute on the sale or acquisition of assets Navigator Capital can provide you with comprehensive investment banking services that leave nothing to chance. Our proprietary approach to transaction management ensures that during each step of the transaction process that your interests are being protected including the development of superior quality offering documents, complete confidentiality, identifying and qualifying prospects as well as effective negotiating and the supervision of all due diligence. Together our disciplined approach will create a competitive bidding environment among qualified prospects that consistently results in our obtaining the highest price and best terms for our clients.

Alternatively for buyers, our transaction management skills ensure that our client is never burdened with unnecessary risk which is achieved by using innovative deal structures coupled with comprehensive due diligence.

We are also experienced in facilitating strategic relationships and can help find the right partner for a project or joint venture.

For clients seeking capital for growth, Navigator Capital can identify specific capital sources that have a demonstrated interest in your market and a proven record of funding fairly priced transactions. Whether you are seeking equity or debt, Navigator Capital can facilitate your capital goals.

Real Estate Finance

The Principals of Navigator Capital have substantial experience working with real estate investors and developers. In addition to extensive experience in acquisitions including multi family, retail office and hospitality properties we have a successful track record in originating senior mortgages, mezzanine loans and direct equity participations for institutional quality real estate projects.

Business Plans & Memorandums

Your business Plan is the foundation of a successful capital event. Long after you leave your meeting or terminated the conference call your business plan will stay behind to continue working on your behalf. With so much at stake having anything less than a professional, compelling business plan is a risk not worth taking.